Keller Snow Blowers


The first Keller Snow Blower was manufactured in Rothsay, MN, by Louis Keller in 1949. It was designed to fit on a John Deere and WD 45 Allis Chalmers tractors. These were the only tractors with live power. Louis fabricated approximately 18 blowers similar to this one between 1948 and 1950. The patent process was started and Farmhand company was licensed to manufacture blowers. Farmhand began manufacturing blowers on a royalty basis January 1953 at a cost of $398.00 per blower. They sold a total of 34 blowers the first three months. Farmhand continued producing through 1961. Approximately 330 blowers were produced.

Sydney Johnson purchased the snowblower at auction in 1971 somewhere in South Dakota.

Sydney mounted it on his Model G John Deere and it became his snow removal unit through 2002.

Joe Keller and Marilyn Loegering purchased the blower from Sydneys wife Lucille February 2003.


Louis Keller with his snow blower. (Current owner is Joe Keller and Marilyn Loegering).