“The Goal”          

To preserve the history of the skid-steer loader, as accurately as possible, we have gathered machines from every stage of development along with memorabilia and documents.  We have established a small permanent display in Forman, ND, which is close to the Bobcat skid-steer loader manufacturing facility in Gwinner, ND. 

There is also a temporary display currently located at the State Historical Society Heritage Center in Bismarck, ND.  When this display closes we will need a permanent location to house a larger more complete display of this historical collection showing the full evolution of Keller Manufacturing and the Bobcat skid-steer loader to share with future generations.  To accomplish this, we are working in conjunction with Cass County Historical Society-Bonanzaville USA, West Fargo, ND. 

Bonanzaville has agreed to provide land space for a building and has established a fund for collecting tax-free donations.  All money collected through this fund will be solely dedicated to skid-steer history preservation.  Once enough money has been raised building construction will begin.  To do justice to this significant part of Minnesota, North Dakota, and World history a building size of at least 40’ X 80’ is required. 

Drawing of proposed building

(Minimum 40' x 80')

Bonanzaville site reserved for building


You can be a part of history by printing and returning the form below with a donation to the Skid-Steer History Fund.  If you would like a distributable form, click here to download an Acrobat .pdf file(500K).  Thank you for helping preserve the history of a machine that has revolutionized many industries and employed thousands of people all over the world, maybe even you!

If you have additional historical information please call 1-701-640-7019.